Antler Chewz Vita Chewz Plus Dog Treats

Original Antler Chewz - VitaChewz Plus
* Whole deer antler chew
* 100% PURE dog treat made from naturally shed deer antler
* Eco-friendly
* For adults in their prime, 90 lbs and over
* Made from the toughest part of the antler, closest to the tip
* Most appropriate for a dog who is a tough chewer with strong, healthy teeth and gums
* Lasts longer than rawhide
* Helps clean your dog's teeth
* Odorless
* Will not splinter easily like livestock bones
* All sharp points have been sanded and rounded to prevent gum injury
* Contains minerals which are good for your pet
* Low in calories
* All-natural, with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives"